Engagement Shoot Tips

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How to get the most out of your engagement shoot

Welcome to the Hannah Julia Photos family! Chances are that we'll be meeting up to shoot your engagement photos soon, and I'd bet that you're feeling a bit nervous. But never fear; I have all the tips for you to have the best time ever!

1. Make a day of it

Whatever day you choose to have your shoot, make sure that you schedule some time! Don’t just rush to the location, do the shoot then rush off somewhere else. This will only stress you out and mean that your photos won’t be 100% you. Make a date day out of it! Go out for some coffee, chill together and take some time to relax beforehand. Taking some time to start your day this way will get you feeling loved up and united as we head into our shoot. And afterwards why not go out for dinner or drinks? Celebrate yourselves!

2. Wear something comfy!

This one might seem obvious, but hear me out. Dressing *appropriately* is your key. Planning on going adventuring, climbing rocks and jumping over fences? A short dress and heels probably aren't your best bet. But if you're not planning on rocking climbing and would much prefer to go to a coffee shop and maybe a wee stroll then the dress and heels could work! Where we go and what we do will dictate what you wear, so don't base your outfit on your Pinterest boards because their locations might be totally different.
And make sure to dress for you. Clothes that are too tight or clingy, if that's not your usual thing, will mean you spend the shoot pulling at your outfit and trying to hide. If you choose something brand new, you run the risk of being uncomfortable (which will come across in your photos) or worrying about how you look in it. Just wear something that makes you feel amazing, and if you do buy a new outfit give it a test drive first!
Sidenote: neutral colours always work best. Brights can age your photos! As can big logos!


#3 & #4



Location is everything

Think about places that really mean something to you. or that represent you both as a couple. Did you have your first date at the beach? Did he propose in the forest while you were walking the dog? Do you spend your Saturday mornings in your favourite coffee shop watching the world go by? I always want to tell your story, and going somewhere meaningful to you will help me to do that.
Incorporating your favourite activities can help too! Bring your dog, your bikes or your favourite board game and let me tell your love story!

Sunrise or sunset?

One big thing for me is the light! But it's also big for you too! Sunset (or you might have heard it being called 'golden hour') can make for some pretty magical lighting. The highlights and shadows are going to be softer which is going to make your skin look amazing too!
Sunrise can be magic too, so if you're up for getting up at the crack of dawn to chase the sunrise then so am I!


5. Have fun!

This is the most important tip I can give you!!! If you come ready to have some craic and listen to my terrible banter I can guarantee your photos are going to be incredible. All I need to make that happen is you. Don't try to be people you aren't; don't try and be Instagram models if you aren't, or adventurous hikers if that's not you, or hipster coffee people if that's not you either. I can only work with what you give me, so if I get authentic you then that's what will come back in your images (and that's what we both want!).
You're amazing so let me show that!