Leah + Richie

What do you offer?

Currently, we offer photo only packages (with Hannah) and photo/video combo packages (with both Hannah and Alex). We don’t at this moment in time offer video only packages.


What do you cover on the day?

There are two options for both photo only and photo/video. Option 1 covers from bride and bridesmaids getting ready up until speeches (before dinner), and option two covers from bride and bridesmaids getting ready until first dance.


How many photos will we receive?

That depends on which package you go for! Whether it’s photo only, or photo/video, the rough guide is package 1: approx. 300-500, and package 2: 500-700.
This can definitely vary, and we don’t promise anything, but those are the ballpark figures!


How long will the video be?

Again, this depends on the package you go for! Our 2024 packages look like this: Photo/Video package 1 includes a 10-15 minute film and a 60 second teaser (perfect for insta!), and Photo/Video package 2 includes an even longer 20-25 minute film and a 2 minute teaser. We’ve found that both of these options give a perfect outline of your day, with lots of detail, and we include audio from both the ceremony and speeches throughout the video as well!



What if we want to see the full ceremony and the full speeches?

You can! We offer the full edited ceremony and speeches as an optional add on. You’ll receive this as a separate video. We’ve found that our couples and their families and friends are more than happy with the content and audio from the ceremony and speeches that are included in the highlights films, but the option for the full thing is always there!


How long will it take to receive our photos and/or video?

We aim to get your photos and video to you within 8-10 weeks from your wedding date. This can sometimes be a little longer during busy periods, as we will never send out anything we’re not 1000% happy with and proud of!


Why should we book you guys together, instead of a separate photographer and videographer?

When you book us as a package deal, you can be guaranteed that your photos and your video will work together seamlessly, have a cohesive look, and stand the test of time. As well, you can be 100% sure that we’ll work well together! We know exactly how each other works and are the perfect team. It’s also a bargain to book us together, as we’ve found to book a separate photographer and videographer can be much more expensive!